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What kind of thermometer can be put into the refrigerator?
In daily life, the refrigerator is indispensable. Many people want to use a thermometer to measure the real-time temperature inside the refrigerator to achieve the best temperature for preservation, but do not know what kind of thermometer can be put into the refrigerator? In fact, the temperature distribution of the refrigerator freezer is not uniform. The temperature in the refrigerator compartment is a temperature step from top to bottom, the upper layer temperature is the lowest, about 3, and the temperature of the lower layer fruit and vegetable box is the highest, about 6-10. According to national standards, the temperature of the refrigerator compartment should be between 3 and 10. [More +]
The hygrometer pointer has not been moving. Is there a problem with the quality?
After the New Year's Day, Ms. Liu, a citizen of Lubei, was preparing to move to a new home. While purchasing various furniture and daily necessities, she also purchased a pointer hygrometer online. However, the hygrometer was placed in the room for a few days, and the pointer stayed at the zero scale and remained motionless. Ms. Liu did not think much, thinking that it was a quality problem, she contacted the customer service staff of the online store to request a refund. [More +]
What is the best position for the fish tank thermometer? Under water or above?
Hello, in order to facilitate customers to use the website, mobile phone website and PC side background data sharing, upload once, mobile phone side synchronization update, thank you for your support! For more questions contact: 0755-89812581. [More +]
How does the home timer minute number return to zero?
1 function selection state, in this state, the digital tube displays the function number in the highest position. When the timer is powered on, it automatically enters the function selection state and automatically selects function 1. At this time, the function can be selected according to the experimental needs. Each time you press the “Select/Reset” button once, you can change one function, and the displayed function number is incremented by 1. [More +]
How to measure the temperature of the food center?
It can be measured using a food center thermometer. The correct method for measuring the temperature of a food product using a food center thermometer is as follows: 1. First observe the range, the division value and 0 points, the measured food temperature can not exceed the range. 2. The glass bulb of the thermometer is completely immersed in the food on the side, and does not touch the bottom of the container or the wall of the container. 3. After the thermometer glass bubble is immersed in the food to be tested, wait for a while, and wait for the thermometer to stabilize before reading. 4. When reading, the glass bulb of the thermometer should remain in the food, and the line of sight should be level with the upper surface of the liquid column in the thermometer. Note: Do not squat before measuring temperature. [More +]